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Master Art Packing Techniques for Safe Transit

When it comes to packing precious art pieces, it’s a whole different ball game. We’re spilling the beans on expert-approved art packing techniques to ensure a safe and secure transit for your artwork.

Art Packing Techniques: The Basics

Handle With Care

Remember, your art pieces aren’t just another item; they’re treasures. The first step? Handle them with kid gloves.

Clean Before You Pack

Before you start the packing process, make sure your art is clean. Any dirt or debris could damage the artwork during transit.

Packing Material Selection: The Heart of Art Packing Techniques

The Right Material for the Job

Not all packing materials are created equal. From bubble wrap to foam boards, make sure you choose the right material for your precious artwork.

Going the Extra Mile: Corner Protectors

Every little bit helps! Consider investing in corner protectors for added safety.

Packing Techniques for Different Art Forms

Paintings and Canvases: More Than Meets the Eye

How do you pack paintings? It’s not as simple as wrapping them up. Learn how to pack them right and avoid common pitfalls.

Sculptures and Statues: Heavy Duty Care

Sculptures require extra attention. Get the lowdown on how to pack them for a safe journey.

Framed Art: A Frame of Mind

Don’t let the frame fool you; framed art requires special packing techniques.

Transportation Techniques: Getting From Point A to B

Loading Art Correctly: It’s All in the Order

It’s not just about packing your art; it’s also about how you load it. We’re revealing the right way to load your artwork for transportation.

Secure and Steady: No Bumpy Rides Allowed

Ensure a smooth ride for your artwork. Follow these techniques to keep your art steady and secure during transit.

Preserving Art in Storage: Long-Term Care

Storing Art: More Than Just a Storage Unit

If you’re storing art, you need to be aware of the best practices to keep your pieces in tip-top shape.

Climate Control: Friend or Foe?

Is climate control really necessary? Find out why it’s vital for your artwork’s longevity.

Partnering with Professionals: Art Fabrication

The Magic of Art Fabrication

The creation of your art is just as important as its care. Learn about art fabrication and how it can enhance your artwork.

Installation Art and Fabrication

Art fabrication is key in the realm of installation art. Discover how this technique can bring your art to life.


Q1: What is the best way to pack a painting for shipping? A: It’s best to use a combination of acid-free paper, bubble wrap, foam boards, and a sturdy box.

Q2: Can I pack different types of artwork together? A: No, it’s advisable to pack each type of artwork separately using the right packing techniques.

Q3: How do I store my artwork safely? A: A climate-controlled environment, out of direct sunlight, is ideal for storing artwork.

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